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ANSY – statistical analysis and technical consulting

Our core business comprises statistical data analysis, information security and privacy protection consulting. Years of practical experience in both education processes and scientific research ensure the quality of our work.

We offer data analysis for empirical scientific studies in biomedicine and in other areas. Statistical data analysis can include help in designing experiments, determining the minimum sample size, building a table for data collection, etc. After the analyses are made, mostly using IBM SPSS or MedCalc software tools, graphs and tables of the results are constructed, in a form suited for a scientific report. Data mining techniques, as well as questionnaire development and validation are also offered.

As the ICT user is still the weakest element in the security of an information and communication system, privacy protection is an important part of the overall security. We offer interactive in house education for the employees based on a validated scientific questionnaire that examines the users’ awareness, knowledge and behaviour regarding security issues. Lectures are based on years of scientific research and cover examples of phishing, recommendations on more secure behaviour and practical work aimed at raising users’ awareness regarding security issues. Penetration testing and risk assessment are also offered.

Each project has its specifications so the price of the services varies and is individually defined. Contact us with confidence, explain your problem and let us solve it for you! All communication with clients is strictly confidential.



Kresimir Solic, PhD in EE
assistant professor, expert in (bio)statistics
and information security

Croatia, Sandora Petefija 74, 31327 Bilje

[email protected]

+385 91 755 0631

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